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Bitter Branches

PJ Harvey  Bitter Branches The video series of “Let England Shake” is almost coming to an end. The second-to-last episode of this journey to the sore heart of the Western world sees PJ Harvey and photographer Seamus Murphy focus on “Bitter Branches”. Murphy’s real-life auto mechanic introduces the song this time. His recital of several verses of the song gives way to shots of the funeral of a British soldier. An impressive moment the director witnessed last summer and that served him to interpret the “bitter branches” of the track’s title, “the arms of the war widows”. The only track left now is “All And Everyone”, which will be the epilogue to some scenes that come with a convincing message: shortened lives, wars nobody understands and the irreparable pain of loss as ballast of a world that is choking on its own vomit. Somebody had to report on these dark times..

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