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In The Dark Places

PJ Harvey - In The Dark Places

It’s that time of the week: our meeting with PJ Harvey and photographer and filmmaker Seamus Murphy. Their video series inspired by “Let England Shake” (Island, 2011) has reached “In The Dark Places”. Unlike its predecessors, the city is the main scene here. In London, with the Trellick Tower in the background, young Ro Allerton recites the introduction to the piece. The reason he was chosen is that Allerton is about the same age as the soldiers the singer is remembering in the song. Shots of several places in the UK capital, of chapels, candles, a cemetery (or at least that’s what it looks like) and, of course, slides of recruits on the outskirts of Kabul. Some fight far from home, against something they don’t understand; others stay awake and pray for their fast and safe return. Polly Jean will visit Spain on 28th May, at the San Miguel Primavera Sound 2011 festival. You have no excuse to miss out on the great reporter of these times.

San Miguel Primavera Sound 2011 takes place on 25 and 29 May at Poble Español, and from 26 to 28 May at Parc del Forum in Barcelona. Tickets are on sale here.

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