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The Words That Maketh Murder

PJ Harvey  The Words That Maketh Murder You only have to read the interviews PJ Harvey has been doing lately with regards to the upcoming “Let England Shake” to know that the album is the fruit of today’s reality and, as such, will be full of disgust, uneasiness and political rage. It’s no coincidence, therefore, that, when choosing a director for the video of “The Words That Maketh Murder”, Polly laid her eyes on the work of Seamus Murphy, a photographer and graphic journalist known for his documentary work in conflict ridden areas like Rwanda, Eritrea, Kosovo, Iraq and, more recently, Afghanistan. The song, the first official single taken from “Let England Shake”, is available on digital format from today. If you prefer a physical copy, on 7th February the 7” single will be released with an exclusive track on the B-side, “The Guns Called Me Back Again”{dmotion }xgkk6o{/dmotion}

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