Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm


Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm

Live improvisation at Roter Salon

Magic is not only for magicians. There are musicians who are capable of causing the same feeling of wonder you get after witnessing a good piece of magic. In the field of professional magic, one knows there's always a trick. Here, if we believe the words of Ólafur Arnalds, everything came about as spontaneously as can be; without rehearsals, without previously set guidelines, without clues. The man from Iceland has been touring in Europe this summer, as the star of one those events called “An evening with...” during which everything is left to the imagination and inspiration of the moment. At these concerts, there is no fixed repertoire, there's not even any pre-written material. The idea is to create a new piece there and then, taking into consideration the suggestions of the audience. They are even encouraged to participate - asked for melodies, hand claps, whistles, thumps and vocals - to be recorded by Arnalds and manipulated immediately, with whatever machine he has at his disposal at that moment. It's what he has been doing in August at the Roter Salon, one of the intimate spaces of the Berlin Volksbühne. Among the attendees was Nils Frahm. Arnalds invited his friend Frahm to come on stage - and together they started improvising...

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