Odd Future’s New Visual Delirium Odd Future’s New Visual Delirium


Odd Future’s New Visual Delirium

Second part of the trilogy accompanying “OF Tape Vol.2”

The second part of the video trilogy that Odd Future are using to give visual support to “OF Tape Vol.2” begins to shed a little light on the violent psycho delirium that we saw in “Rella”. In the clip for “ NY (Ned Flanders)”, we understand that in reality this delirium is caused by the hallucinations that Hodgy’s character is suffering from after having taken half a bottle of pills. You see, here Hodgy is not a bionic warrior who can shoot a laser gun, but rather a decadent overweight middle-aged man. Tyler, on the other hand, goes from being a cocaine-addicted centaur to a baby with a sinister look. How far will Wolf Haley’s warped imagination go? We want the third instalment, and we want it now.

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