Newham Generals feat. Skepta Newham Generals feat. Skepta


Newham Generals feat. Skepta

Bag of Grease

Newham Generals

We don’t know for whom this “bag of grease” is intended, but they deserve our deepest gratitude. That someone dared to say the “the game is dying” (that of street grime, the one that barks and bites), and this has been enough for Newham Generals (D Double E & Footsie, here accompanied by their comrade Skepta) to spit out their own answer in the form of rhymed rage. The song lends its title to a 5-track EP released on Dirtee Sta nk (yes, the label of the thriving Dizzee Rascal) that you can get here since the beginning of October.

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