A New Video For TNGHT A New Video For TNGHT


A New Video For TNGHT

LuckyMe puts images to “Bugg'n”

The music of TNGHT - Hudson Mohawke and Lunice’s joint project - makes us think of headz all nodding at the same pace, cars with extra-large tyres bouncing against the asphalt, night clubs with red lights and beefed-up subwoofers, fits of cooking dance, clouds of white smoke, and nicely-shaped behinds moving from left to right and right to left with their hands up in the air all the time. Nevertheless, the video for “Bugg'n” chooses to mix images of night-time ecstasy in the club, which suit the duo’s Southern-inspired anabolic beats, with scenes of everyday domesticity that surprise and disconcert you in their unexpectedness, in spite of the paranormal factor that they seem to contain. The video is the work of Dominic Flannigan (aka Dom Sum, the creative director of LuckyMe and half of The Blessings) and Peter Marsden.

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