My Panda Shall Fly My Panda Shall Fly


My Panda Shall Fly


My Panda Shall Fly  YoYo

Intriguing, albeit a lot less puzzling than seeing a panda bear fly. That’s the first impression upon hearing the music of Suren Seneviratne, Sri Lankan based in London and operating under the My Panda Shall Fly moniker in the triangle defined by telluric dubstep (more dub than step, more esoteric than hedonistic) and off-kilter, chiptune beats; refined and bright electronica that has as much to do with the IDM of the past as with the future garage of today. With his “Sorry I Took So Long” (Growing, 2011) recently released, today we get the dark video directed by Ciaran Wood and Seneviratne himself for “Yoyo”. Watch your step, you might be surprised.

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