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Mums of Death

Golden Axe

Mums of Death1 + 1 = 3. That’s how they explained the concept of synergy to us at school, back in the day. In the case of this record, that would translate as Mumdance + Drums of Death = Mums of Death. Some might argue that the combination of forces doesn’t really cause an effect “superior” to what each component can achieve on their own, but nobody will doubt the fact that there is a synergy in the alternative meaning of the word: active cooperation of various organs to realise a function. What’s the function? Although it might not seem so, the mission of Mums of Death is to pay tribute to all the old video games they enjoyed when they were children. Their first manoeuvres have resulted in three tracks, released as a digital EP, already available at Beatport (it will be in other stores as well come January). Our favourite is “Golden Axe”, a tune galloping between the syncopated dynamics of UK funky and kwaito house, capable of making any funky rave explode.

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