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Baves Chords

Mount Kimbie  Baves Chords

Mount Kimbie, one of the champions of post-dubstep, announce a new release on Hotflush. It’s an EP featuring “Carbonated”, one of the cuts off of their debut, “Crooks & Lovers” (Hotflush Recordings, 2010). Apart from the song and its new versions by Airhead and Peter Van Hoesen, the release also includes a remix of “Adriatic” by Klaus and, and this is the best part, two previously unreleased compositions: “Bave’s Chords” and “Flux.” “Carbonated EP” will be in stores on 27th June. To lighten the wait, we can already listen to the first of the new tunes. Although “new” is not exactly the right term, as the track is from the recording sessions of “Maybes EP” (Hotflush Recordings, 2009) and wasn’t included on the album. Now, it’s finally going to be released, and it can be yours in exchange for your email address.

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