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Moths  Summer Thanks to people like MOTHS, we are starting to feel the “generation gap” that until recently justified the distance between our preferences and attitudes, and those of our elders. Because, let’s see: what did you do when you were 15 or 16? You’d go to school, try to get girls or boys, drink and hang out with your mates and, with a bit of luck, do some sports or play in some impulsive guitar band. Now, the youngsters are living with their faces stuck to their computer screens, and between chats, reading, YouTube sessions and file sharing, the most adventurous ones go and start making future beats as if it were the most normal thing in the world. It’s the case of MOTHS. The boy is called Jack Colleran, he’s from Newbridge, Ireland, and at 17 he’s already releasing bright little electronic gems. Soon you’ll find this celestial “Summer” on his Bandcamp page. The boy’s got a bright future ahead of him. {mp3}Summer{/mp3}

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