Morphosis Morphosis




Morphosis Lebanese born Rabih Beaini has done it again. From his headquarters in Milan, he's just delivered the second release for M>O>S Recordings. On “Musaphir EP” there is room for raw, broken and resolutely wrong, all sounding pretty good. Any contradictions?. None. Morphosis' beefy Techno-House is, in its own way, retro in style but loaded with ideas pointing to a new syntax of “wrongness” deconstructing the expectations of ears accustomed to every type of canon and formulas repeated to infinity. As if Kenny Larkin or Ron Hardy on a morphine bender tried to play the sax lines of Ralf Altrieth over a bassline and hypnotic metallic echoes. Fly to this intoxicating land where you will find “Musafir”.

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