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Momus & Vampire Weekend

Salty Hot Peanuts

Momus & Vampire WeekendSometimes, pop idols behave like children, too. We mean this in a good way - in the sense of spontaneous and free creativity, unaffected by markets or the conventions of adult life. Vampire Weekend asked the iconoclastic Scottish artist, writer and musician Nick Currie (that is, Momus) to write a new song using a collection of samples taken from “Diplomat's Son”, one of the tracks on “Contra” (XL, 2010). And here’s the carefree result of this pastime, sent by Momus himself from his residence in Osaka. It’s playful pop, and by the way, we haven’t told you already, but Momus has just released a new album through his labels American Patchwork and Analogue Baroque. The album is called “Hynoprism” and you can get it here.

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