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BOVGVEREAV (Bouguereau's Youth and Cupid)

Mike Gao  BOVGVEREAV (Bouguereau's Youth and Cupid) The other day we spoke about the immediate future of musician/inventor Mike Gao, LA beatsmith in love with the groove of asymmetric and irregular funk, and genius musical software creator (soon his new iPad app, Cyclic12, will be out, accompanied by artwork from the people of Brainfeeder). But there’s more: his album “Sun Shadows” will be out soon, on Machina Muerte/Apha Pup Digital. It will be released on Tuesday, 12th April, but in the meantime we got “BOVGVEREAV (Bouguereau's Youth and Cupid)”, the second cut from the collection and a sample of how good things by this man can get. As he says in one of his other songs, don't fake the funk. Simply deform it. Pump up the volume and dance.. {mp3}Mike Gao - BOVGVEREAVs Youth and Cupi{/mp3}

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