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Green Knight (CREEP Remix)


“Player Piano”, Memory Tapes’ second album, has been out for a couple of days. One would expect all eyes interested in Dayve Hawk’s pop fantasies to be on this record. But no: against all odds, New York duo CREEP have just released a video of their version of “Green Knight” - a track off Memory Tapes’ debut, “Seek Magic” (Something In Construction, 2009). With the warm voice of Dayve Hawke as the emotional basis, Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard turn the song into stealthy, spectral electronica - with icy beats that feel pleasingly half-formed, in the process of disappearing. The piece - directed by Ellen Frances - features cameos by both CREEP and Hawke himself. It’s an evocative, vaporous and sombre audio-visual work: which is exactly what such a sophisticated remix needed.

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