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Matthew Dear

You Put A Smell On Me (Breakbot Remix)

Breakbot “If Matthew Dear’s “Black City” is an opus of bacchanalian futurism, then second single “You Put A Smell On Me” is it’s presumptive climax—an unblinking industrial march to the centre of the brain’s most neglected corners.” That’s how Ghostly describes “You Put A Spell On Me”, the abrupt second single to be released from the latest Matthew Dear album, a compendium of tense twisted pop, urban and nocturnal, with a funk heartbeat and noir atmospherics that Parisian Thibaut Berland, a.k.a. Breakbot takes to the land of cheerful electro-funk in his remix. The song will be out on 23rd November as a B side, one of three different tracks, on the single of “You Put A Smell On Me”.

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