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Matias Aguayo

I Don't Smoke

Matias Aguayo  I Don't Smoke

The song already was a bit of an anthem during his live shows, so everybody will be happy to see the release of the “I Don't Smoke EP”, Matias Aguayo upcoming single for Kompakt, on 6th June. The track is proof once again of the peculiar creative idiosyncrasy of Aguayo and, by extension, of the whole Cómeme family. In this case, the song is constructed around analogue rhythms, sombre organ melodies and a cyclic dialogue during which Aguayo keeps asking his friend Rebolledo for a fag, only to get the same answer every time: “I don’t smoke”, the title of the single. We reckon the song came about after some private anecdotes from long nights of partying, where the flow of alcohol (and other things) can make one forget about friends never having smoked and the fact they told you so five minutes earlier. So here we leave you with a piece of the party you can take home with you. Aguayo rules.

Matias Aguayo - I Don't Smoke by Kompakt

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