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Part 2: Radioactive / Radioactive [How To Dress Well Rework]

After becoming one of the big pop revelations of last year, thanks to ‘The Family Jewels’ (679 Recordings, 2010), Marina Diamandis, alias Marina And The Diamonds, has just started ‘a new phase’. This means the arrival of Electra Heart, an alter ego which, in her own words, embodies the lies, illusions and death of an American dream. Two weeks ago we heard the first delivery and the second part is now online. It's called ‘Radioactive’ and it shows a totally new side to the Welsh girl with Greek origins (and we're not only talking about the goldie locks). The song is a trance-pop track in the vein of so much of the mainstream music flooding the charts. We hope that it's irony, as it would be quite painful to see Diamandis fall in the bottomless pit that is Katy Perry-like pop. Luckily, at least, on paper, the remix How To Dress Well made of the same track was released at the same time. As usual, Tom Krell uses his own voice on it. The combination of his fragile singing with the epic-populist synth of the original gives a curious result, to say the least.

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