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Maria Minerva


After the strangely marvellous “Tallin At Dawn” (Not Not Fun, 2011), the extravagant Maria Minerva has her new album ready for release on Not Not Fun. “Cabaret Cixous” should be out soon (release date unknown as of yet) on vinyl and CD (the previous album was only released on cassette). The first advance track, “Lovecool”, is a marvellous synth ballad that takes us to a state of extreme emotion, through mystic sounds and stellar weightlessness. New Feeling Industries have made a visual piece that is so kitschy, it isn’t even kitsch anymore. With a design that seems to be inspired by internal hotel TV channels, computer graphics made with MS Paint and an inexpressible succession of consumer society items - it’s a both incomprehensible and strangely pertinent video. Is that a contradiction?

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