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Magnetic Man

Anthemic feat. P. Money

Look closely at the first seconds of the video below. It looks like the opening credits of a big Hollywood production, one of those blockbusters starring Tom Cruise and a hot actress. Add to that the title ( “Anthemic”, as if, when making the track, they already decided that they had a future anthem on their hands), and maybe you’ll agree with us that Magnetic Man are beginning to get very full of themselves. Things are going great for them, their bank accounts are growing, but the music... To be honest, it’s the same with them as with the blockbusters: without the special effects, the whole thing amounts to not very much. Maybe it’s because of that, and also to make sure they stay in the news during the current festival season (their natural habitat) excitement, that Benga, Skream and Artwork recorded a new version of “Anthemic” with P. Money, with this official video and all.

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