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I Need Air

Magnetic ManOn the bass music grapevine they speak of a “supergroup” (a word mostly frowned upon, with good reason), even though those involved prefer to call it a symbiosis, a monster with three bodies and one head. Magnetic Man, the triangle formed by Skream, Benga and Artwork as a new dubstep resistance front (a front at times touching on pop and cyberdelica, at least on this track), are releasing a video for “I Need Air”, their first single -featuring the vocals of Angela Hunte- and a taster for the already-finished album due out in November. The track, backed-up by remixes from Red Light, Breakage and Shy FX, will be released on 26th July as a single on Columbia.

Magnetic Man - I Need Air (Redlight remix) Magnetic Man - I Need Air (Digital Soundboy remix)

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