Machinedrum Machinedrum



U Don't Survive / The Statue / She Died There

In the press release for “Room(s)”, Planet Mu promised sensuality, female dance music glamour and the revitalising vigour of footwork. Travis Stewart, alias Machinedrum, says he’s now composing riskier music, and that he followed his instincts more than ever during the making of his most recent album. We’d say it shows on “U Don’t Survive”, “The Statue” and “She Died There”, three cuts off “Room(s)”, one of the albums most likely to wreak havoc this year. We can’t wait for 11th July to come.

Machinedrum - Room(s) - U Don't Survive (Planet Mu) by pdis_inpartmaint Machinedrum The Statue from the LP Room(s) by Planet Mu Records Machinedrum She Died There from the LP Room(s) by Planet Mu Records

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