Siberian Breaks (Ed Banger All Stars Remix)

MGMTTeam effort people. And with amazing results. Imagine the work / play space of the Ed Banger family. What do you see? Full DJ bags, samplers and laptops, visors and synthetizers, drum synths and liquor bottles on a table among plenty of lines of coke racked out… true? Well, not this time. So Me, Breakbot and Busy P, under the name of Ed Banger All Stars, gathered around a piano to give “Siberian Breaks” a make over. In their hands, the hippy air of the original song becomes candy with retro shades that remind us to The 5th Dimension, swinging on the edges of sunshine pop, blue-eyed soul and soft discofied pop. MGMT could pass as Swedish if it wasn’t for that komische bit that comes in after minute 8.

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