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Lykke Li

Velvet (The Big Pink)

Lykke Li  Velvet (The Big Pink)

There’s no stopping the angelical Lykke Li. With “Wounded Rhymes” (LL Records, 2011) still fresh on our media players, the Swedish singer keeps touring and playing live, whether they’re her songs or others (check out her acoustic session “on the moon”). Today it’s her version of “Velvet”, from The Big Pink. The song was part of the unplugged concert the lady and her band did a while ago for MTV, and they made the track theirs, seemingly without effort, using little more than a guitar, a beat and some choruses floating over her delicate voice. Does this mean we can expect a reissue of her album with some added bonus tracks? No idea, but we’re fiercely hoping so.

Lykke Li - Velvet (The Big Pink) by fromgotowhoa

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