Lunice @ Sónar Dôme Lunice @ Sónar Dôme


Lunice @ Sónar Dôme

Sónar 2010

Lunice Hi Guys. My name is Lunice. I'm from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I love rap music. I love Barcelona. I love all you people. Let's have fucking fun!” And voilà. Electro-beats, reinforced low frequencies, 8-bit melodies, vocal phrases kissed by the strawberry lips of some of the sweetest contemporary R&B divas, clever rhymes and constant robotic moves to the rhythm of broken electronica of galactic shades, Lunice Fermin Pierre II aka Lunice revealed himself as one of the most memorable surprises of the recent Sónar festival for us here at PlayGround. If you don’t believe us, here we leave you with footage of the contagious performance by the Canadian on the Saturday night at SonarDôme, courtesy of RBMA Radio.

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