Lukid Lukid



Brainfeeder Mix

LukidIn May, a piece of artwork published via Werk Discs’s Twitter page hinted at the imminent release of his new and much-longed-for album, “Chord”. So far not much is known about Lukid’s forthcoming hybrid album (besides new cuts, the tracklist of “Chord” also includes three tracks previously released on “Foma” (Werk, 2009), reconstructed, we imagine, for the occasion), but recent releases like this “Brainfeeder Mix”, with an abundance of Lukid tracks—some unreleased—can only be interpreted as a hopeful sign. Click here for the download.

01. Lukid – Spiller02. Process – E103. Nochexxx – Ritalin Love04. Actress – San Siro05. Lukid – Just Like Havana06. Lukid – Untitled07. Lukid – Veto08. Infinitirock – Drumhead09. Actress – Credit Da Edit10. Newworldaquarium – Star Power11. Topaz Rags – Dead Horses12. Martin Dupont – Your Passion13. James Pants – Mass14. Bullion – Crazy Over You15. Loops Haunt – Dusk Mechanics (Samoyed Remix)16. Anthony Shake Shakir – One Beat (Just Won’t Do)17. Lukid – Untitled18. Millie And Andrea – Ever Since You Came Down19. Lukid – Hair Of The Dog

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