“Lord Girlcatcher”, The Pachanga Boys’ Shoes “Lord Girlcatcher”, The Pachanga Boys’ Shoes


“Lord Girlcatcher”, The Pachanga Boys’ Shoes

Rebolledo and Superpitcher promote themselves

This isn’t exactly a video clip; it’s more like an advertisement. It turns out that Pachanga Boys –that is to say, Rebolledo and Superpitcher- in collaboration with the shoe company Riviera, have created a colourful limited edition of the brand’s classic model. There are only 36 pairs of “Lord Girlcatchers”, which also come with the duo’s " Girlcatcher EP" on vinyl. Effectively, this is a very limited-edition EP that the twosome put out a few months ago, which contains one of 2012’s big odes to hangovers, "Time". You can bid for one of the copies of the pack starting 18th September through eBay. More information here.

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