Lone Lone



All Those Weird Things

While we're enjoying the fabulous “Echolocations EP” (R&S, 2011), Matt Cutler, alias Lone, continues to dish out danceable happiness in the form of five-minute music pills. His new and agitated track is called “All Those Weird Things” – and it's the content of a beautiful, single-sided picture disc (with a laser etching on the flipside) on Nottingham label Wigflex. Despite the fact that there's nothing new on the track regarding the ever ecstatic and colourful sound of Cutler, the moment when his trademark neo-rave notes turn into Erol Alkan and Boys Noize-like electro-rock riffs is definitely worth a mention. “All Those Weird Things” is no turning point (and there's no need for one, either), but it will certainly not disappoint the Lone fans. The 12” will be available on 27th July.

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