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Wide Eyes + Shape Shifter (Superhumanoids remix)

Local Natives Gorilla Manor”, the celebrated debut album by Californians Local Natives, has a third single and a new video. The song is “Wide Eyes” and the video’s director is Cat Solen, who has also made videos for Death Cab For Cutie, Bright Eyes and CSS amongst others. The video features a young absent-minded guy who’s being chased by a stalker in the shape of a rubber shark. Will he manage to get rid of his tracker without infuriating animal protectors? Perhaps not.

Besides this new video, the OC men have entrusted their fellow Californians (from L.A., to be precise) Superhumanoids to remix “Shape Shifter”. The outcome is varnished with layers of synths, delays and reverb that give it a shoegaze feeling.

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