Little Boots Premieres A Video For “Headphones” Little Boots Premieres A Video For “Headphones”


Little Boots Premieres A Video For “Headphones”

Music joints and alter egos

Victoria Christina Hesketh, a.k.a. Little Boots, has released a video of “Headphones”, the second single taken from her second album. To be honest, after all the build-up, we expected something with a little more substance, but it's alright. Victoria, sporting some silver platform shoes, appears onstage at a place that looks like a brothel at first, or a sex shop with live shows and cabins. But no, it's not a Reeperbahn-like joint. There are cabins, but they're not for dirty old men. These are for people who want to see themselves as an artist (an artist like on X Factor, that is). All that, to the tune of “Headphones”, another disco-pop ditty that shows Little Boots in top form.

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