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Lil BIt’s not hard to find material by Lil B. If you’re reading this and you know the man’s works you will know that his YouTube releases are constant. What’s more difficult though is to find officially released work, as until last week his discography (without counting the mixtapes) only featured one item - the double vinyl released by Weird Forest last year. That changed last Tuesday, with the digital release of “Angels Exodus” on Amalgam, where you can find“Motivation” and “1 Time”. The first drew our attention because the production is by Clams Casino, a man with Italian roots based in New Jersey who has already given some beats to the hip-hop community based on samples of My Bloody Valentine and Imogen Heap gems. On “1 Time” it’s Washed Out and his track with Caroline Polachek that has served as the base for the codeine-like ramblings of Lil B. “Angels Exodus” is the appetiser for his next effort, “Glass Face”, whose release date is as of yet unknown. So let’s all pray: Thank you, oh Base God! And if you don’t want to pray, you can start rehearsing your cooking dance, because this year we’ll have Lil B in industrial quantities.Lil B - Motivation{youtube }LcmhXYvvMj8{/youtube}

Lil B - 1 Time{youtube width="100%" height="25"}gcl5FHNjdv0{/youtube}

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