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Labyrinth Ear

Lithium / White Gold

Labyrinth EarSlowly and calmly, consciously playing the cards of each of their few songs, Londoners Emily and Tom (a.k.a. Labyrinth Ear) have been traceable online since the beginner of last summer, and attracting a growing number of people to their suggestive, cool-wave-influenced synth pop. A few weeks ago, Labyrinth Ear chose five tracks for their new “Oak” EP. The good news is that the duo has decided to give away the EP as a download. Emily and Tom have also opted for the handy practice of “found footage” (in this case, some shots from “A Midsummer Night's”, the animated film by the Czech Jiri Trnka) for the video of “White Gold”. Take a look at their labyrinth, you won’t get lost.

Labyrinth Ear - “Lithium”

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