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Onyxx Sphinxx / Eternal Struggle

LabtekwonGo to his Twitter page and read his bio: “Considered the Thelonius Monk of Hip Hop by Chuck D of Public Enemy. Labtekwon = Future Shock.” Doesn’t that tickle your curiosity? After almost two decades of rhymes and more than twenty records to his name, Labtekwon (acronym of Lifeform Advanced Beyond Terrestrial Esoterics King Warrior Of Nubia, that should surely tell you something) is a small institution in the Baltimore underground. To draw your attention to his new album ( “NEXT: Baltimore Basquiat and the Future Shock”, on the streets from 13th August via Ankh Ba), we give you two examples of Labtekwon’s particular lyrical world. Labtekwon . Onyxx Sphinxx

Labtekwon . Eternal Struggle

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