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L-Vis 1990

Lost In Love feat. Javeon McCarthy

L-Vis 1990 - Lost In Love

When the release of “Neon Dreams” - the first album by young L-Vis 1990 - was announced, it was said to be an album in the vein of bands that have transcended from the strictly electronic niche to become mainstream pop. So the sound of the first single off of the LP shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. “Lost In Love” is a boogie-house track featuring the sweet voice of Javeon McCarthy. It comes with a video shot in Las Vegas, starring a young couple the producer and the director of the video got to know when they arrived in Nevada. The single will be out on 26th September featuring remixes by The Night-Slugs All-Stars and L-Vis himself, contributing “club” and “dub” versions. The album is expected on 3rd October.

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