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As Young As Yesterday (Panda Bear Remix)

Panda Bear Remix

In his first remix since his 2008 remake of a track by The Notwist, Panda Bear does his thing with “As Young As Yesterday” by Swedish duo Korallreven. The Animal Collective member goes all horizontal and delivers a fragmented ambient-pop remake. Victoria Bergsman's vocals appear blurry and disfigured in an amalgamation of polymorphous arpeggios and drone pads. The remix is part of the single released yesterday on 12” by Acéphale, which also features a Girl Unit remix, plus the track “The Final Fantasy”. The twosome's eponymous album debut will be out on the 16th of November, and heads up: it could be one of the albums of the year.
Korallreven - As Young As Yesterday (Panda Bear Remix) by Acéphale

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