Kitty Pryde Releases Her First Video Kitty Pryde Releases Her First Video


Kitty Pryde Releases Her First Video

Meet the new phenomenon of internet-rap

Kitty Pryde is just 17 years old (she plays at throwing us off about her age), she hails from Daytona Beach, Florida, and she looks well on her way to becoming the latest internet-rap phenomenon. Sort of like the female flip-side of Lil B, like the BasedGod, her perspective is unique (as well as highly self-aware). In her case, her rap is based on the trials and tribulations of a white American teenage girl in the era of tumblr to the hilt. “ Okay Cupid”, her new single, is her best song so far, and the perfect compendium of her vision. In it she declares her love for Danny Brown, she refers to The-Dream, and she sings with Frank Ocean. All with shrewd rhymes and a sleepy, sexy flow in which playful giggles replace “swag”. In the video that goes with the song, Kitty and two friends drink beer, look for pictures of Danny Brown on Google, and stroll around street markets. Like her music, it shows the daily life of a girl who isn’t even the most the popular girl in her class, but who intends to take on the world (online).


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