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Goodbye Girl (Kuedo Remix)

Almost two years after the release of “Waiting For You”, Hyperdub is releasing the long-promised remix album of King Midas Sound. But before the record comes out, there will be a new single with remixes of “Goodbye Girl”, one of the indisputable highlights of their debut album. The remixers chosen for the occasion are Mala and Kuedo (aka Jamie Teasdale from Vex’d). To accompany the latter rework - a feast of dark melodies and reptilian rhythms - Tom Shoelfield delivers an unnerving video accentuating the enigmatic nature of the track. Starring Roger Robinson and Hitomi, the video tells the story of a tormented relationship that ends in murder. Or does it begin with it? Reality, dream or memory? The pieces are there, it's up to you to put them together. Release date is 29th August.

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