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Déjà vu and surprise - in that order - is what the “half new” video of “ Gee Up” generates. Déjà vu, because we have already seen parts of it before, a couple of years ago. But in times of crisis, belts have to be tightened, so, instead of making a whole new video from scratch, why not invent a second part for what was already there? That's what Female Energy and Polydor have done: they took the low cost video shot some time ago for “Gee Up” (which is included on Kindness' debut album, but was already released in 2009 as the B-side to the band's first single on Moshi Moshi) and added a short intro and a surprising second half (including a commercial by Adam Bainbridge himself), showing the set the video was being shot on.

The song will be released as an EP on 19th March, with an alternative version of “Swingin Party” and a previously unreleased, single-only track -“People”- on the flip side. A day earlier, Kindness' debut album “ World, You Need A Change Of Mind” will come out.

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