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Judging from the attitude - between care-free and joking - of the stars of the low-cost video for “Gee Wiz, one could think that the funk band, however good they may sound, were close to their expiration date. And the truth is, the band as such no longer exists (nor have they ever; almost all of the people in the video were extras); but Kindness is more alive and kicking than ever. After inviting us to a “Swinging Party” (a cover of a track by The Replacements) on Moshi Moshi, Adam Bainbridge returns with the infectious “Cyan”, a modern-day disco exercise featuring a thick bassline that would be perfect for DFA. The song, produced by Phillipe Zdar, will be released on 12” on the 25th of October by Female Energy (in Europe) and Terrible Records (North America). Check out “Cyan”, the first advance track from a very promising album, expected for release in early 2012.

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