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The Journey Of Mr. Rager

Kid Cudi “A truthful diary of creative and personal confusion, an anti-climatic chronicle of a depression and an album of impasse, in expectation of change and new revolutions.", David Broc said in his review of “Man On The Moon II: The Journey Of Mr. Rager”. Now we’re treated to the cinematic version of the cannabis continuum in which Cudi is immersed. Mr. Mescudi, who’s more than comfortable in front of the camera, has decided to include on his second album’s special edition this 20-minute-long mini documentary that expresses his creative and personal impasse. Cudi smoking grass; Cudi onstage smoking a joint; Cudi wearing an incredible outfit and smoking more grass; Cudi surrounded by bags of marijuana; Cudi handing a joint to his DJ… And throughout this twenty minutes, his songs act as a film score. It seems like fame and success on a ganja cloud is the axis of the documentary, but anyone with half a brain can smell the self-destructive and ironic air surrounding the rapper’s artistic and personal life. It’s not surprising, then, that he’s lost control over things and ended up like this.

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