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Kid Cudi / La Roux

Erase Me / In For The Kill (remix)

Kid Cudi / La Roux “Erase Me” started making noises on blogs and radio stations in late June and, truth be told, it made us arch our eyebrows a little. Was Kid Cudi trying to play in the same league as Weezer? Like the guys led by Cuomo, Cudi bets on the blandest alt-rock guitars and on threadbare melodies in a song that seems to be predestined to conquer the most commercial radio stations. But as an aesthetic alibi for his video, Cudi has opted for looking at himself in the mirror. So there his is, dressed like Hendrix and mocking rock stardom as a magnet for sex and drugs. Besides him is Kanye West, an emperor wearing a crown made of pure gold olive branches. West also appears on a new remix of “In For The Kill” (yes, still fidgeting with that song), as a promotional boost before the release of La Roux’s album in the U.S. Omnipresent Kanye, always surrounded by good friends.

La Roux Feat. Kanye West - In for the Kill Remix HQ

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