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Ki En RaFrom their Cologne HQ, UpMyAlley inform us that two and a half years after the second one, the arrival of the third offering in the series is imminent: “Beatnicks”, a compilation saga dedicated to representing the art of constructing beats by new talents coming from all over the place. After the efforts by Rustie, Jackhigh or 00Genesis on its second volume, this release would include works by Powell (France), O.Boogie (Holland), Desto (Finland), fLako & Berghem (Chilean and German, respectively), Rez (U.S.A.) and Ki En Ra (Estonia). Beatnicks 3 is on twelve inch (also available as digital download) which will be in the shops by 4th June. Just to tickle your fancy, we leave you here all the action contained in the Ki En Ra track.

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