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Kenton Slash Demon


Kenton Slash Demon "Light’s fragile journey through space and darkness. Only aware of it´s own presence by the reflections of the environment it passes on the way." This is how Lasse Andersen and Rune Brink, the brains behind the visual arts studio Dark Matters, have described the video they’ve made for “Matter”, the track that lends its name to the second part of the trilogy of EPs by Kenton Slash Demon (the project of Jonas Kenton and Silas Moldenhawer that comes out of Copenhagen), to be released by Tartelet. Filtrated voices, synthetic sheets oozing ecstatic humour, and a polished, compressed and muffled sound at the juncture of electrohouse maximalism, trance’s hypnotic horizontality and tech-house pulsations. The third volume of “The Schwarzchild Solution” will be coming soon.

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