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Lights On + Katy On A Mission / Blinded By The Lights (live at Club 69)

Katy B Those who have been there say that Brussels is one of the most boring cities in the world, full of Euro diplomats, embassy personnel and other bureaucratic staff. That may be so on the surface, but we can assure you that there’s a lot of musical stuff going on in the city that hosts the NATO HQ and European Parliament. Last weekend, for instance, Katy B lit up Club 69. The performance was recorded for posterity in the videos below, in which you can see Katy accompanied by her band (real musicians, as opposed to the machines on her album), playing the catchy “Light On” and the anthem “On A Mission”, finishing with a piece of The Streets’ “Blinded By The Lights”. Conclusion: get ready because she’ll be at Sónar next week (twice, even). If you haven’t got your ticket yet, get it here. Katy B will be playing on 17th June at Sónar, twice: in the afternoon at the space taken by Red Bull Music Academy, and at night at the already classic BBC Radio 1 stage. Get your tickets here.

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