Katy B feat. Ms Dynamite Katy B feat. Ms Dynamite


Katy B feat. Ms Dynamite

Lights On (Skream Remix) (radio rip)


If you’re among those following the evolution of Skream through channels like Soundcloud, you’ll know the Croydon native has been expressing his intentions to explore new avenues for his music. And when one is looking for new stuff, the best testing ground is that of remixes, as it allows you to widen your register without compromising your style, and without creating any expectations. So with the freedom afforded by remixing, Skream has set himself to reconfiguring his recent “Lights On” by Katy B and Ms Dynamite. The result is a quick remix blurring bluntness—listen to those bangs of hypersynthetic timbre, related to the neurofunk school—and soulful classicism—a jazz house piano adorning the chorus—that stresses the contrast between Katy’s white style and the Jamaican accent of the ex So Solid Crew member.

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