Kanye West & Jay-Z Kanye West & Jay-Z


Kanye West & Jay-Z

Thats My Bitch (Feat. Elly Jackson from La Roux)

Kanye West and Jay-ZThe fire produced by the release of “My Twisted Dark Fantasy” won’t be extinguished for a while, but here we have what could be Kanye West’s next album. Yesterday, “That’s My Bitch” was dropped online, a three-sided collaboration between Jay-Z, ‘Ye and Elly Jackson from La Roux, the latter still pecking at different styles ever since she renounced synthpop. Judging by the lyrics, we’d say it’s one of the tracks included on “Watch The Throne”, that joint album with Jay-Z still waiting to be released. The blogosphere marks Q-Tip as responsible for the beat. Listen to it below these lines and speculate.

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