Jónsi Jónsi



Live @ HMV Forum, Londres

Jónsi Jónsi, with his Indian feather headdress, his seraphic throat sinuously flying through images of other worlds, his spongy heart floating at the feet of a thousand multicolour pop cascades… This is undoubtedly one of the images of 2010 as far as live music goes. We’ve already told you the singer from Sigur Rós will soon have his own audiovisual document of that magical tour that took him and his album “Go” (XL, 2010) around the world. That double release will hit retailers on 29th November, featuring audios from the concerts Jónsi and his band gave on 29th May at the Ancienne Belgique and on 14th September at Brighton’s The Dome, along with images recorded on 26th March at London’s 3 Mill Studios, the last general rehearsal before the tour. Three days before that show in Brussels, PlayGround travelled to London to capture Jónsi in all his splendour, during the first European date of a tour that will be remembered as one of the musical landmarks of 2010. This is how Jónsi played on 26th May at London’s HMV Forum.

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