Jonathan Boulet Astonish Again Jonathan Boulet Astonish Again


Jonathan Boulet Astonish Again

Live rendition of the new single, “This Song Is Called Ragged”

Jonathan Boulet, one of the emerging bands from the roster of Modular, return with a new album, We Keep The Beat, Found The Sound, See The Need, Start The Heart”. Word has it this album is one big explosion of melody and harmony, built on blocks of primitive and incessant rhythms, a dense and cathartic LP full of unstoppable energy and heavy pop. In order to confirm all that promo talk, the label brings us a great live rendition of This Song Is Called Ragged”, the second single from the album. With only two people on a small stage, Jonathan Boulet make it sound genuinely spectacular. It's an attractive crossover between the organic electronica of Caribou and the chamber pop with instrumental embellishments of Grizzly Bear. Their album will be out on 11th June in Europe, and a day later in North America. Very promising indeed.

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