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Jon Hopkins

Low End Theory - Episode 19

Restless and versatile are two words describing Jonathan Julian Hopkins perfectly. The British composer and producer is a real all-terrain vehicle. One moment he’s improvising with Brian Eno, the next he’s writing a classical score for an orchestra. One day he remixes his good friend Four Tet, the next he’s working on a folk album with King Creosote. He can go from composing a film score with precious electronica, dramatic classic tradition and post-rock, to a DJ set worthy of the Low End Theory club. Which is what we have for you here: his contribution to the podcast series of the reputed Los Angeles club. The first part is by resident DJ Gaslamp Killer, look for the soothing frequencies of Jon Hopkins halfway through the set. Jon Hopkins will be performing at L.E.V. in a couple of weeks. Listen and download the podcast here. And get your tickets for L.E.V. here.

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