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Jon Brooks

Samhaim Mixtape 2010

Jon Brooks  Samhaim Mixtape 2010The name Jon Brooks might not sound familiar to you, except if we tell you Brooks is the person behind The Advisory Circle (Brooks also signs as D.D. Denham, Georges Vert y Jon Brooks Quartet), an essential project of the Haunted England universe (yes, we’re referring to “hauntology”, that style obsessed with library music, analogical retro-futuristic electronica, experiments out of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and animist psychedelia) promoted by the Ghost Box label. In keeping with the esoteric spirit of his music, Brooks has just dropped a mixtape to celebrate Samhain, a Gaelic harvest festival considered both as a transition ritual (the end of one year and the beginning of a new one) and as an entrance ritual to the “other world”. Parallel melodic realities by Jon Brooks.

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